A Picture of Love

A Picture of Love

My wife and I took my mother to the cemetery to visit my father and brother, Pat, for Memorial Day. My dad died in 2016 my brother in 2011. Mom is ninety-one years old, and she said she misses Dad and Pat and looks forward to seeing them again in Heaven. Mom says she is ready to go at any time.

I was raised by two wonderful parents in a big green house on the corner of Seventh and Warner in Lewiston, Idaho. Mom and Dad were married for over fifty years. My Dad and brother are buried at the Lewis-Clark Memorial Gardens, a few blocks away from my childhood home. Mom thanked us for taking her to see her husband and son. She made us promise we would do it again next year if we were still alive – or if she was. I told her either way, we would be there next year. I promised.



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