• Sunday Thoughts

    Sunday Thoughts

    I attended the Catholic church in my youth and think about God a lot. I don’t attend Mass anymore and have developed a skepasism of religious dogma. Sometimes I wish I could push the questions I have about organized religion out of my mind. It would be so much easier if I could rationalize an… Read more

  • Synchronicity


    By Mark Ready   Penny               My older sister Penny seemed to enjoy tormenting our father. Dad wasn’t especially excitable or prone to emotional outbursts, but Penny could wind him up like a cheap watch. Her boyfriend, Roy Barnes, must have been in on it.  Every time she snuck out, he would meet her… Read more

  • For Alexandra

    For Alexandra

    If I’d known about the mental illness If I’d known, I’d turn to drink. If I’d known your mom would die If I’d known at thirty-five you would still be traumatized If I’d known any of this, you wouldn’t be here I wouldn’t have a daughter If I’d known I’m glad I didn’t “I’ve noticed… Read more

  • Heartache and Hope at Don’s Riverside Tavern

    Heartache and Hope at Don’s Riverside Tavern

      By Mark Ready   Two degrees colder, and the biting rain would be snow. Misty shivered in the pink crop top, and tiny shorts Brother Dave made her wear. The phony preacher forced all the girls he prostituted to dress in as little as possible. It showed off their bodies and compelled them into… Read more

  • Mathew 6:26

    Mathew 6:26

     Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? I think of this verse when I see the fortunate members of society judge those struggling. It is easy to point out… Read more

  • The Freezer

    The Freezer

        The KXLY Dialing for Dollars afternoon movie was the 1939 version of the Man in the Iron Mask. Aunt Sister thought watching TV in the middle of the day was a waste of time, but my Aunt Anna had her phone number called and missed out on a jackpot of $150. My job… Read more

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