Mr. Cupid Makes His Rounds

Mr. Cupid Makes His Rounds

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Agatha and Benny Jones had loved each other since they were four. That was ninety years of loving the same man. Agatha looked at their wedding picture and remembered how handsome Benny was and then how much she missed him. Her fingers twisted her wedding ring on her wrinkled bony hand.

It had been young and supple when he’d slipped it on sixty years ago. It had seen times of feasting and famine. Sickness and health. They had forsaken all others and stayed true to their vows until death do, they part. She picked up Benny’s worn gold band and weighed it in her hand. She removed it from his finger after his death. It seemed fitting. She’d been the one who put it there.

A man in a black suit knocked on her door. “Mrs. Jones? May I speak to you for a moment?”

Agatha cleared off a chair. “Yes, please come in.”

“Mrs. Jones. My name is Nathaniel Cupid. There is a young man about to make a terrible mistake…”

Agatha listened and, in the end, she handed Benny’s ring to Mr. Cupid and told him to use it as he saw fit.

Brian Thomson didn’t tell his wife, Karla he was stopping at the bar on the way home. The new baby was more work than he thought it would be and Karla had gained a lot of weight. He slipped his wedding ring off and put it in his pocket. He looked up and noticed a little man standing beside him.

“Mr. Thomson, I know what you are thinking and advise against it.” He smiled. “May I see your wedding ring please?”

“Why should I?”

“I have a wonderful gift for you. Think of it as a transplant of sorts. What you do after you get it is your business.”

The young man removed the ring from his pocket.

Nathaniel took the shiny gold band and touched it to Benny’s worn and scratched one. “Try it on and see what you think?”

The young father slipped it on his finger.

“What do you think?”

He stared at the shiny gold band. “I need to go home.”

Nathaniel nodded. “Yes, Mr. Thomson, you need to go home. You have a woman there that bore your child and pledged herself to you forsaking all others. Do you know how valuable that is?”

“I do now. Thank you.” He got up and left.

The man in the black suit held Benny’s ring to the light. “It hardly made a dent.”

Nathaniel Cupid’s knock was answered by Agatha Jone’s daughter. “May I help you?”

He smiled. “Yes, is Agatha available?”

The woman started to cry. “My mother passed away last night.”

“I am sorry to here that, my dear. Did she happen to mention the name, Nathaniel Cupid?”

“She did. Mother wanted you to have this.” She handed him her wedding ring. “Mother was very specific.”

“You are a fortunate woman to have had such loving parents.”

“I know,” she said. “It’s hard to think of them as gone.”

He patted her hand. “They aren’t. They live in your heart.” He looked at the ring. “Your father ordered this from the Sear’s Catalogue and placed it on your mothers finger the day they married.”

“What are you going to do with it, Mr. Cupid?”

“When a person is at their weakest and temptation at its worst. An infusion of real love can make all the difference in the world. This contains sixty years of your mother’s love. I promise it won’t go to waste.”



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